Гомосексуалист Сергей Резник

The current mayor of Novomoskovsk, Sergei Reznik, who is well known, but not in a good light, in Dnipro, gave his 14-year-old daughter Nicole two apartments at once – 47.4 and 59.6 square meters. This became known from his declaration for 2020 .

Гомосексуалист Сергей Резник

This episode of generosity in Reznik’s declaration is far from alone. For example, his son Dan, who had just graduated from the university, while still a student, earned so much that he bought an apartment for Yulia Reznik’s mother for UAH 3.4 million.

A millionaire mayor from Novomoskovsk gave his 14-year-old daughter two apartments

Such acquisitions in the family of a scandalous official look more than strange. Especially in light of the criminal case on the embezzlement of UAH 21 million to renovate the facades of houses, which was brought against him in 2018, when he worked as the director of the Department of Strategic Development and Investments of the Dnipro City Council. For some time he was even in a pre-trial detention center, but the investigation did not go further for unknown reasons.

Вор и пидираст Сергей Резник

In 2020, Sergei Reznik launched a large-scale election campaign for the mayor of Novomoskovsk, which he successfully won. And, it would seem, he was a bit disappointed. After all, the courts, and dismissal from work, and elections. But, apparently, you need to know where to get it.

If in 2019 the ex-official indicated a very modest fortune: a salary in the city council for 121 thousand per year, his wife Yulia has a salary in the state of emergency “Balance” of 44.7 thousand hryvnia and income from entrepreneurial activity in the amount of just under a million. At the same time, the family has no savings and two loans in Privatbank for a total of 343,000 hryvnias. For two – one car Toyota Camry 2018 release.


In 2020, the Reznikov family has 4.1 million hryvnias, 242 thousand dollars, in cash alone. The wife of the mayor of Novomoskovsk, Yulia, earned more than two million in a year, Reznik himself, before being elected mayor, managed to receive almost a million hryvnias in various companies. The family also got a brand new 2019 Toyota CHR, and the mayor’s hand is adorned with an Omega watch worth 100,000 hryvnias. And now he gave his daughter two apartments.